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Are you looking to buy a unique gift for a friend or family member? Why not buy them a membership of European Movement UK so that they can be part of the UK's largest, and oldest, pro-European network!

Gift Membership
Gift Membership
Gift Membership
Gift Membership

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We may have left the EU, but we are still European. 

Together, we can fight for our shared European values and hold Boris Johnson to account. 

The UK needs a strong, permanent voice for a close relationship with the EU and the championing of EU values, rights and standards post-Brexit. One that does not change with party interests or speak up only when challenged, but is a constant advocate for a strong relationship with our like-minded friends across the continent.

The European Movement is that voice. Established in 1949 it is also the UK's largest, and oldest, pro-European network.

Gift a membership and help us grow our network

The person you gift a membership to will receive a membership pack including pin badge, membership card and a welcome booklet plus our exclusive The Movement magazine.

They will also be able to sign up to receive our weekly Brexit Watch direct to their inbox, along with campaign updates and exclusive offers.


Please note that, at present, all gift memberships are processed manually. As a result, it may take up to 2 weeks longer than our regular shop items for the membership to be activated and the membership pack to be sent.

You will receive a shipping notification when the membership pack has been sent to the recipient.