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The European Movement is home to everyone who wants to see the UK return to our rightful place at the heart of Europe. We are a cross-party campaign organisation dedicated to overturning the calamity of Brexit.

All proceeds from this shop go directly towards supporting our campaign activity.

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All items shipped within the UK use Royal Mail Second Class shipping.

Other items may be sent from other suppliers via their usual methods.

International shipping is available to all EU countries at a set rate of £3.99. 

The majority of items are print to order, meaning that they are manufactured specially for you based on the options that you select. Some items are sent from European Movement directly.

You may receive items in multiple packages. If you are still awaiting items after 21 days, please get in contact and we will investigate.

Refund policy

Please note that, as all the majority of items are manufactured especially for you, all sales are considered final unless there is a defect with the item or you are sent the incorrect item.

If either of those situations occur, please contact us.

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In the majority of cases, once an item is ordered it enters the production process with our manufacturer instantly.

As a result, once an order is confirmed it is not usually possible to amend it - including changing product size or shipping address.

Should you need to make any changes, please email shop@europeanmovement.co.uk and we will advise if it is possible.

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Please refer to the main privacy policy on www.europeanmovement.co.uk which also covers your use of this online store.

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If you have any queries or suggestions you can contact us on shop@europeanmovement.co.uk

About European Movement

Who we are

The European Movement was founded by Winston Churchill in 1948 to promote European unity. For over 75 years, we have worked to build a closer relationship with our European neighbours.

The European Movement is a cross-party, single-issue organisation. We are powered by our 21,000 members, over 200,000 campaign supporters, over 100 local groups, and our strong networks in Westminster and the EU.

Our History

Over 75 years, we have worked to build a closer relationship with the rest of Europe. We played a significant role in securing the UK’s membership of the European Community in 1975. Today, we are tracking and spotlighting, with grave concern, the practical impacts of the UK’s decision to leave. We are continuing that long legacy of pro-European campaigning.

The world is changing and we are changing with it...

The European Movement’s mission now is to address head-on the issue that UK politics is avoiding: acknowledging and highlighting the damaging impacts of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. It is in the UK’s national interest to reverse that damage and build back our relationship with the EU.